Honda RC162 Replica - £18,500

Two years to build with the aim to replicate as close as possible to an original works Honda.


Bespoke built frame

Replica 4LS drum front brake matted to Tagasako rim

Replica 2LS drum rear brake matted to Tagasako rim

Genuine Ceriani 35mm GP forks (painted to replicate works Honda)

Replica Honda front mudguard

Genuine Ceriani rear shock absorbers

Handmade aluminium tank replicated to dimensions of original

Replica seat unit trimmed to replicate works Honda

Replica Honda rear sets

Handmade aluminium dummy oil catch tank (housing all electrics)

Handmade exhaust system to replicate works Honda


Now finished and due to future projects my cherished RC162 replica is now available for £18,500 to own possibly one of the best replicas built.