Welcome to the Konig Grand Prix racers website. A father and son team devoted to preserve the unique Konig flat four two stroke engined racing motorcycles.

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The Team


Dave Hutchens


AKA Bear (Konig Freak): Motorcycle enthusiast for over 40 years. Very Knowlegdable on Konig engined racers, having built the one and only Seeley Konig 500 racer (ridden by Allen Blasdell) in 1974 with over 40 race wins at national level. Designed and built the unique spine framed Daval Konig 500 and 680 racers, in 1975 that raced at international levels. Continuing to build, maintain, show and race the stable of Konigs we look after.

Allen Blasdell


Jockey of the Seeley Konig in 1974 with 40 plus club and national wins during that season. Was also pivotal in the building and development of the bike and the later Daval Konigs. Retired from motorcycle racing in 1975, only to have a comeback in the 1990's on a Harris Rotax still showing the opposition his raw speed. Now parades both the Seeley Konig and Daval Konig.

Dan Hutchens


(Inherited the Konig bug): Motorcycle enthusiast for only 20 years, but introduced to the world of racing motorcycles at an early age. Race bike builder and rider of both road and race bikes. Also continuing to build, maintain, show, race and offer bespoke builds of Konig racing motorcycles.


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The Boret Brothers, Kim Newcombe and Phil Read

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